We at the Modern Language Institute would like to introduce ourselves as well as apprise you of our outstanding language programs and services.

For the past 25 years Mr. Richard Gomes has provided comprehensive courses in English, Spanish and Portuguese to various companies throughout the tri-state area as well as in Brazil, China and Mexico. Continental Airlines, Siemens, Infineum S.A., Gessy Lever, Accurate Screw Machine & Merck have used our services. These are only a few of the clients who have trusted us in providing them with language training of the finest quality. We guarantee optimum results.

Class levels range from introductory to advanced conversational courses. Due to popular demand, we added an Advanced English Writing course to our curriculum several years ago. We teach effective writing techniques to engineers, managers and scientists. This course has proven to be very effective as a result of the growing need for highly trained and often foreign born, individuals to improve their business and academic writing skills.

Intensive immersion courses are also offered for individuals who must acquire fluency in a new language within a limited period of time. Rapid learning is achieved through daily classes that focus on basic communication skills, with emphasis on practical conversation, listening and most importantly pronunciation.

In addition, courses that progress at a more moderate pace are offered in Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and English (ESL). These courses are designed for those students who may already possess knowledge of the language but, who may also need to increase the depth of their level of comprehension and fluency. Intermediate to advanced levels are offered in this program. The emphasis in this course is to deal with vocabulary, idioms and problems with tense or syntax that students often retain as a result of the natural tendency to translate from their mother tongue into the second language. Helping the student to think immediately in the second language is the primary focus as well as the final step to complete fluency.

Employees are evaluated prior to placement to ensure an accurate level of proficiency. In order to enhance the learning experience, class instruction includes audio as well as visual resources. Of the utmost importance, we provide highly trained teachers to meet each student’s needs. We will gladly conduct lessons on location upon request.

If you have any further questions please contact Mr. Gomes at (973) 216-4140. It would be our pleasure to personally meet with you to discuss all options and programs available. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.