Hi Richard,

I have been meaning to contact you for quite a while now. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful Spanish teacher Edgar is and I have learned so much from him over the past year. Not only is he a great teacher, he is an extremely good and nice person too. He is the best Spanish teacher that I have ever had. I don’t think that I could find better. You can tell that he is truly interested in having his students learn and this is not just a job to him. He’s patient and innovative with his approaches, and changes up the lessons, which makes learning, for an old dog like me, a lot of fun as well as productive. I have come a long way in the last year and look forward to this next year of classes. Today, people very rarely take the time to stop and praise those who are doing a good job, I am sorry that I have not contacted you sooner. I just love Edgar!

Best regards,



Hola !

The Spanish program offered by Modern Language Institute through my teacher Edgar Vila is excellent. My teacher is patient, understanding and has a very good command of both Spanish and English. My Spanish educational experience has broaden my scope and will help me to relate better with Infineum colleagues in Latin America. Knowledge gained through the Spanish program will enrich my career in Infineum and beyond.

Gracias !!!.



“It was an excellent experience in this study English immersion course of the Modern Language Institute. I studied two years of English in Brazil and I had evolved in reading and writing, but still stumbled to speak and had difficulty understanding foreign colleagues. After studying English at Modern Language Institute spent talking, understanding and listening better and now I watch movies without subtitles in Portuguese.

The immersion course was very well organized by MLI in form and content, with lessons and practice with updated methodology, using all resources of internet and books reflecting my needs, very well planned and excellent teachers.

It was an amazing experience and I felt that my English has improved significantly: in my work, in my daily activities better understanding the tools and procedures of Infineum, in conference calls with colleagues in the United States, driving and visiting cities and restaurants.

I have expanded my networking through the opportunity to take classes with experienced teachers and concerned to teach the best possible were the English language.

Definitely learned a lot from the immersion of the English language by MLI.”




“Spanish classes are a personal goal for me so I am not able to spend too much time on it.  I appreciate Edgar’s patience and encouragement through the 2 years I have been attending his classes.

I also appreciate that he utilizes different methods of learning such as videos, books and group conversations.  He does an exceptional job and I look forward to classes.”



“My experience with Modern language Institute has been very positive. I am enrolled in Spanish Class and have worked my way to an intermediate level. My Spanish-speaking friends do comment a lot on my improvements. My experience with Edgar as a teacher has been very positive. His calm style, patience and knowledge are the catalysts for my learning. I look forward to moving to the next level and to converse in Spanish in the near future. Within Infineum, Spanish is a big asset. Much of our business is in Latin America, and most of my clients are in Latin America. Speaking Spanish will definitely help me with my career goals within Infineum.”



“The program and service has been great. Learning a 3rd language has always been one of my wish, and having this opportunity where the teacher come to my office with 1-on-1 sessions is fantastic. My experience with you being my teacher is great. Thanks for being patient with me, as I come from Asia where Spanish is rarely spoken or used, and I can be slow at times. Being a frontline person who has to deal with customers directly, some of whom are of Latin America origin, having some knowledge of Spanish would definitely “pull” the customers closer to my side and help build relationships. Nothing beats speaking your customers’ language, even if I may never be that fluent.”

Best regards,

Boon Ping, Chia


“I really liked to study English at ESL Course . The method was very important for me to learn, understand and mainly speak English. The teachers is very good and he understood exactly what is my difficulty. I felt very comfortable in the class. And the books are very interesting, easy to learn, every part shows different topics with a lot of information. With the material I could continue my studies here in Brazil.

I was very happy with the course and I wish success for all the students!”



“I think the English class is useful and I have learned quite a lot. I can see improvement in my pronunciation and day-to-day communication. Also, I like the business English course and have found opportunity to put the learning into practice. In general, I have got good feedback from colleagues on my English.